Arizona September 11th Memorial


A design team assembled and led by Rae Douglass consisting of Frederick Schwartz architect, Ted Springer sculptor, and John Barker landscape architect created The Arizona 911 Memorial. It was designed in response to the governor’s mandate that the Memorial would offer a meaningful place for remembrance and healing for the friends and families of the victims, the survivors, the responders and those needing a place to reflect. The memorial consists of three elements: 1. A gently sloping path guides people into an Arizona landscape consisting of a circle of 15 boulders collected from each county in the state, symbolic of its response. The boulders frame a welcoming space sunken into the earth that opens onto an adjacent basin, like a canyon or wash. With shade trees and places to sit, the landscape offers a nurturing environment to remember and reflect upon the events of September 11th. An I-beam fragment from Tower One rests next to the boulder from Maricopa County engraved with the name of Gary Bird to honor his memory. 2. A wall consisting of 2973 vertical stainless steel rods, symbolizing each magnificent life lost on September 11th crosses the path within the circle of boulders. Stainless steel reflects the changing light of day, giving it a vital quality. The reflected sunlight will appear as shimmering beams of light, symbolic of human life. 3. Two voids, with their dimensions exactly proportional to the Twin Towers, break the wall where it crosses the path. The voids not only represent loss — in our nation, our state and ourselves, following September 11th — but a moment of transcendence that brought the nation together. Design Team: John Barker, Tomas Bauer, Rae Douglass, Jessica Jamroz, Tracey Hummer, Frederick Schwartz, Ted Springer.

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