Mule Creek Mimbres Site Archeology Center


A shallow arch topped with the same lush sod that covers the landscape shelters a study center and provides a gateway to the Mule Creek archaeological area, which was one of the largest Mimbres settlements in New Mexico. The site is also the prime source of adobe block for western New Mexico, and has an infrastructure set up for large scale earth moving, so the arch will be formed with a dirt mound. Once the arch has cured, the mound will be excavated like an archaeological site and the center built below. Most of the materials will be sourced from the immediate area. The center will be off the grid and both passively heated and cooled. Since the elevation is above 6000 feet the winters can be quite cold. Restored walls from Mibres dwellings will also act as Trombe’ walls to capture the warmth of the sun in the cold winter months. Solar panels above the service laboratory wing will provide electricity and heat water that will be recirculated in a radiant floor system. In the summer comfort will be provided by thermal mass and evaporative cooling.

sod arch aboveexcavateinsideamphitheater

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