An ocotillo transformed into a shimmering apparition to be as vivid in the day as the night.  Posing in the desert landscape its form looks at once familiar, but energized with the power of light, it becomes a cheerful and welcoming accent.  This Sculpture takes the traditional desert form of the Ocotillo made out of steel rods that are partially coated with a diffraction film.  The film is patterned on the rods to abstract the same pattern of thorn and leaf on the ocotillo branch.  The rods are also bent at various spots like its desert cousin.  The film is oriented to produce a color effect that I discovered a few years ago that appears to emanate from the solid center of the steel rod.  The display in direct sunlight is very vibrant, and gives an elegant color distribution along the length of the rod.  At night the branches will glow from a concealed spotlight at the base.

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