The sculpture creates a highly animated display of multi-colored water droplets that resemble a tall column of plasma (or x-ray) particles falling gracefully to earth, and challenge our perception and understanding of light and energy.

The sculpture, consist of an array of vertical ribbons coated with an optical surface that refract a full spectrum of color when illuminated from a metal halide spot light recessed in the ceiling. The ribbons are suspended from a water manifold suspended 26’ above the basin that is recessed into a 7’ ceiling cavity. The center of the manifold is hollow, so that a 150-watt metal halide spotlight suspended above can illuminate the center of the array of ribbons below. Surrounding the manifold is a catwalk far maintenance purposes. The basin below is made out of powder-coated aluminum. Each ribbon is held in place with a small counterweight suspended under a cover plate submerged in the basin. Water is re-circulated through a concealed pipe in the floor and surrounding wall to the manifold above. The supply water is electronically regulated, and filtered with a reverse osmosis system to remove all minerals that could leave deposits on the fountain surfaces. The filtration system on the re-circulating side consists of a sediment filter and an ultraviolet clarifier to remove any algae buildup.

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