Bali Portraits

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I have painted portraits most of my life, starting as a child.  I find it to be the most intimate and pure form of artistic expression because it comes directly from a conversation that I have with the person who I am painting.  I started painting acrylic portraits while on extended leave in Bali.  I painted three self portraits one day, and some of the other people staying at my guest house saw them and asked me to paint their portraits.  I painted almost 90 portraits during my 4 month stay in Bali.  People enjoy the process because I do not make them hold a pose, and spend more energy getting into an engaging conversation with them than trying to capture their exact likeness.  I work fast and can complete a portrait in under an hour, and never go back later to work on the portrait.  Painting is not bound by photographic likeness, and happens over a period of time, so I like to think that the portraits stand as a record of the time we shared getting to know each other.  Painter and subject both performing for one another to create a work of art.

rae yellowpurple



Aneel Chima

Mrs. Douglas

Karja's mother


arma rice workerg

John Seddon

gloria strong

arma waiter

arma beauty


Paul Nagano


gloria sad

arma boy


arma rice worker closeg




arma model garden

pronoto's arm

photo 5

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